Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Ombudsman General Responds To Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin's Rant That Gangs Should Be Charged As Domestic Terrorist!

After another violent weekend in Chicago in which 12 people were murdered and 43 others wounded calling for drastic measures to go after hard core gang members. "They're terrorists trying to destabilize communities and we ought to charge them with domestic terrorism," said Commissioner Richard Boykin of Forest Park.
Archbishop L. J Guillory, The Ombudsman General Responds:
Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin, I’d advise strongly that take time and stop and re-think this most paramount matter before you push this odious request to ask Law Enforcement to single out Gang Bangers “Black Youth” as Domestic Terrorist. And, giving Cops/Prosecutors another opportunity to murder and Mass Incarcerate our Black Young Men, with the full support of you sold out non effective, self-serving and sometimes self-appointed black officials.
Remember the 80’s ~ it was you black irresponsible politicians that requested that the U.S. Government officials in Washington, D.C. to make stronger Crack Cocaine Laws and invited; Federal Agencies into your own local communities.
While, grand standing in front of media cameras like ‘You” Commissioner Richard Boykin, the same black democrats politicians, that first said; “Lock Them Up” are now campaigning to the Government; “Let our People Go!” Don’t hide behind the fake facts. After decades of mismanagement of public funds and fake leaders who have No Real Power and or Community Control in these same communities that you claim to be Leaders you ask your own constituents to listen to you and stop the violence!
If you were Real Leaders, they would follow your directives. The KKK or Klan, (Real’ Domestic Terrorist) march in parades across this country and not one of you so called black leaders can stop that nor can you label them as Domestic Terrorist after 200 years of the most odious Terrorist Activities in America.
Here are some facts; that I Pray that you will would take time to cogitate; the drug wars has produced profoundly unequal outcomes across racial groups, manifested through racial discrimination by law enforcement and disproportionate drug war misery suffered by communities of color. Although rates of drug use and selling are comparable across racial lines, people of color are far more likely to be stopped, searched, arrested, prosecuted, convicted and incarcerated for drug law violations than are whites.
Higher arrest and incarceration rates for African Americans and Latinos are not reflective of increased prevalence of drug use or sales in these communities, but rather of a law enforcement focus on urban areas, on lower-income communities and on communities of color as well as inequitable treatment by the criminal justice system. We believe that the mass criminalization of people of color, particularly young African American men, is as profound a system of racial control as the Jim Crow laws were in this country until the mid-1960s.
The problem with Gangs and the Violence, taking place across America is much deeper than what is seen at the surface of any of the conversations that is being discussed in institutional systems, right now. There still isn’t a willingness of public officials Black or White to take accountability and/or responsibility for the shortcomings of the Leaders/Politicians of the Communities that they serve. We, must start with Real Talk about The Leaders! If you are calling yourself a Leader and No One is Following ~ Are You a Leader?