Friday, November 26, 2010

Bishop L.J. Guillory Gives Congrates to California Attorney General Kamala Harris

Bishop L.J. Guillory, Ombudsman General was first in line to say; "A Job Well Done!" to the new California Attorney General (Elect) Kamala Harris. "There has been District Attorneys across America who only wish for the opportunity to say that they would even be considered for the job as California's Top Cop. But, few could be considered and even fewer could be Elected" Guillory said.

After one of the most viewed races in the 2010 General Election The Winner is Kamala D. Harris, Esq. "I am elated that she won and I pray that each and every other District Attorney in our Nation will look at Attorney General Harris; as an example of what can happened when you view yourself has a Public Servant and not a Cop.

Bishop Guillory, who is a 23 year Republican gave his endorsement to Harris. "I have known Los Angeles D.A. Steve Cooley, for years and when it came time for the two of us to talk about what took place in the injustice with regard to Inglewood's Mayor Roosevelt Dorn, Mr. Cooley refused to talk to the African American Community!" "Well, I can not stand up for a guy who refuse to come to the table and even talk to the community when there are issues of his office using race as a bases for prosecution."

With the Bishop's endorsement came 350 statewide teams that know how to get the votes Harris won Los Angeles County where Cooley is The District Attorney.