Sunday, November 28, 2010


Bishop Guillory, shared with Micheal Baisden his lessons from Ombudsman International's Tour of the 25 Most Dangerous Cities in The United States of America.

Bishop L.J. Guillory, who is the Ombudsman General to Ombudsman International, a U.S. Government Oversight Agency lead his Washington D.C. Staff and a group of Taxpayers on a tour vising 25 of the most dangerous cities.

At The End of 2005 the United States Department of Justice issued a list of the 25 Most Dangerous Cities in America.

1) Camden, NJ                 10) Birmingham, AL                   19) Springfield, MA

2) Detroit, MI                  11) Richmond, CA                      20) Cincinnati, OH

3) St. Louis, MO              12) Cleveland, OH                      21) Oakland, CA

4) Flint, MI                      13) Washington, DC                   22) Dallas, TX

5) Richmond, VA             14) West Palm Beach, FL          23) Newark, NJ

6) Baltimore, MD            15) Compton, CA                        24) Hartford, CT

7) Atlanta, GA                  16) Memphis, TN                       25) Little Rock, AR

8) New Orleans, LA         17) Dayton, OH

9) Gary, IN                       18) San Bernardino, CA


Bishop L. J. Guillory Receives A Special Note From United States President Barack Obama, As Well As A Copy of The Signed National Mentoring Proclamation 2010

                                                              The White House


                                                       Bishop L.J. Guillory, D.D.

“Thank you for the dedication you have shown to your community. Our Nation relies on the faith and determination of the American people, and I admire your commitment. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.”


                                                                BARACK OBAMA


Presidential Proclamation - National Mentoring Month


Every day, mentors in communities across our Nation provide crucial support and guidance to young people. Whether a day is spent helping with homework, playing catch, or just listening, these moments can have an enormous, lasting effect on a child's life. During National Mentoring Month, we recognize those who give generously of themselves by mentoring young Americans.

As tutors, coaches, teachers, volunteers, and friends, mentors commit their time and energy to kids who may otherwise lack a positive, mature influence in their lives. Their impact fulfills critical local needs that often elude public services. Our government can build better schools with more qualified teachers, but a strong role model can motivate students to do their homework. Lawmakers can put more police officers on our streets and ensure our children have access to high-quality health care, but the advice and example of a trusted adult can keep kids out of harm's way. Mentors are building a brighter future for our Nation by helping our children grow into productive, engaged, and responsible adults.

Many of us are fortunate to recall a role model from our own adolescent years who pushed us to succeed or pulled us back from making a poor decision. We carry their wisdom with us throughout our lives, knowing the unique and timeless gift of mentorship. During this month, I encourage Americans to give back by mentoring young people in their communities who may lack role models, and pass that precious gift on to the next generation.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim January 2010 as National Mentoring Month. I call upon public officials, business and community leaders, educators, and Americans across the country to observe this month with appropriate ceremonies, activities, and programs.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this fourth day of January, in the year of our Lord two thousand ten, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-fourth.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Everybody Hates Chris star Tichina Arnold Spent Time With The Bishop and Friends To Help Our Nations Teens

Everybody Hates Chris star Tichina Arnold recently spoke to Bishop L.J. Guillory, Host of the Ombudsman Press Show KNET 95.7 FM 1450 AM to discuss her upcoming projects --she landed a dramatic lead role in an indie film and is working on recording an album.

“At one point and time it was all about Tichina & Tisha Campbell and The Martin Lawrence Show.” Said Tichina. “Now it’s all about spending time raising my precocious daughter, Alijah Kai Haggins and working and giving back to my community in every way that I can!”
Tichina, told a about 50 friends and Hollywood Industry Insiders that “I have had a great life and now its time that I give young people a little help--- which is why I’m here tonight singing for you!”
Tichina Arnold, was asked by Lorna Johnson to come and sing at her Beverly Hills estate for a noteworthy occasion. The extravaganza was unlike any other. Lorna Johnson, who has been a great supporter of President Obama is also the Founder of Compassion for Teen Life (Non-Profit Organization working with Teens).

Bishop Guillory, who visited Tichina at the hospital the day Tichina had (her baby girl) Alijah, reminded Tichina that she had her hair done in the hospital bed and was the most beautiful mother giving birth that he had ever seen in the recover room!

President Obama and Bishop L.J. Guillory Get The Voters To The Polls 2010

In what should be considered the best voter turn out in both California and Nevada. The White House enlisted the best of the best and the out come was what became history in both states. Sen. Henry Reed was said to be out of luck and time. In fact, the Tea Party called the long termed Senator washed up!

However, just days before what history will recount as the best fought fight in LasVegas The Honorable President of the United States of America came to the Sin City for a visit and turned the race into a bad thought in the Republicans mind. Even, life long Republicans like Bishop L.J.Guillory gave support to Sen. Reed after President Obama's speech.

California had its own history lesson for those persons who told the Democrats that they would take over even the Golden State. Bishop Guillory, made a trip home to campaign for the woman who became the first Black woman to be elected Attorney General of the State of California. Kamala Harris made history. Bishop Guillory, who also supported Karen Bass, Laura Richardson, Barbara Lee and Maxine Waters for Congress had very little time to go to any of their events. Due in part to the fact that once he met Kamala Harris and she requested his support he knew that it would be a fight to the end.

"Though I am a card holder/member of the GOP I have always supported the people that I can have contact with after the election is long over!" Said, Bishop Guillory. "African Americans, must get to a point that we can look past party lines. I became a republican at the age of 18 and I have continued with the GOP for 23 years. However, I vote, support and work on campaigns of persons that have the people (Taxpayers) in mind when they make it into the State or Nations Capitol."

Friday, November 26, 2010

Micheal Jackson's Family Continue to Miss The King of Pop

Bishop L..J. Guillory, spends time with Randy Jackson from the first family of the Motown. Bishop Guillory met Joe Jackson over 20 years ago as an entertainment promoter. Years later Bishop met Micheal and his brothers in Beverly Hills and have continued his prayers for the family after Micheal's untimely death.

After not seeing one another for over 9 years Randy and Bishop Guillory had a lot to talk about. One of the points of their conversation was the Youth Preservation College that the Bishop Foundered in East Texas. Randy Jackson, agreed to visit the East Texas Campus after Bishop Guillory shared that the Colleges were apart of the Bishop's vision to give first time offenders an opportunity to live on campus, get an education, learn trades, earn an Associates of Arts Degree and get a Second Chance on Life.

Bishop L.J. Guillory Gives Congrates to California Attorney General Kamala Harris

Bishop L.J. Guillory, Ombudsman General was first in line to say; "A Job Well Done!" to the new California Attorney General (Elect) Kamala Harris. "There has been District Attorneys across America who only wish for the opportunity to say that they would even be considered for the job as California's Top Cop. But, few could be considered and even fewer could be Elected" Guillory said.

After one of the most viewed races in the 2010 General Election The Winner is Kamala D. Harris, Esq. "I am elated that she won and I pray that each and every other District Attorney in our Nation will look at Attorney General Harris; as an example of what can happened when you view yourself has a Public Servant and not a Cop.

Bishop Guillory, who is a 23 year Republican gave his endorsement to Harris. "I have known Los Angeles D.A. Steve Cooley, for years and when it came time for the two of us to talk about what took place in the injustice with regard to Inglewood's Mayor Roosevelt Dorn, Mr. Cooley refused to talk to the African American Community!" "Well, I can not stand up for a guy who refuse to come to the table and even talk to the community when there are issues of his office using race as a bases for prosecution."

With the Bishop's endorsement came 350 statewide teams that know how to get the votes Harris won Los Angeles County where Cooley is The District Attorney.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rusk County Commissioners To Hear Proposal

Staff Writer

HENDERSON -- Rusk County commissioners want residents to give input on a proposed youth preservation college.

That's why they are holding a public hearing tonight in Hender-son. It is scheduled for 6 p.m. at the county courthouse, 115 N. Main St.
The college, being proposed by Bishop L.J. Guillory, would be housed at the former Hill High School on Sand Street. It would be used as a school for 15- to 17-year-olds -- primarily those who have committed a crime and received deferred adjudication, Guillory said.

The facility consists of multiple buildings, including a cafeteria and gym, and it last was used for a kindergarten.

"We think that (this college) is necessary in a time when we are preserving all types of insects, all types of God's creations that seem to be significant for nature," Guillory said. "Yet we have not started a situation where it is important for us to preserve our own existence -- our children."

He said there are cases all over Texas in which young people were given deferred adjudication be-cause attorneys thought that if teenagers were given an opportunity, they would prove they would be respectful to the court and turn their lives around.

However, he said, some youths are having their probation revoked and ending up in prison.

"So we're trying to put together an opportunity for those who have not gotten (a high school) diploma," Guillory said. "They can take necessary classes and college classes at the same time, and the programs offered would give them a boost in East Texas to take occupations that will allow them to make more than minimum wage."

He said the new preservation college, if constructed, could offer courses that cover useful skill sets, such as how to fly an airplane. A Sunday church service also will be part of the curriculum, and a psychiatrist and psychologist will be on staff, he said. Guillory's ultimate goal is for 350 students to receive an associate's degree and be off deferred adjudication within two years.

In the meantime, though, he is looking at funding options. And he said if commissioners decide to give a letter of support for the project, after hearing what residents have to say as well as a presentation, then that letter will allow the organization to also apply for various grants.

As of Monday, Guillory had no cost estimates or specific timeline for the proposed college.
However, he expects the college to bring "a multitude of blessings." "I received phone calls from teachers from this area called in wanting to know when they can turn in application," Guillory said. "Most junior colleges have a start and stop date, but we can take them almost at any time."
Additionally, he said, E.E. Hill -- Hill High School's namesake and former principal -- was elated when he heard about the preservation college initiative. "He was so excited about what we were doing he started weeping," Guillory said.

Rusk County Precinct 1 Commissioner Bill Hale said he agrees with what Guillory is trying to do, in theory, but said he has "strong reservations" on whether Henderson is the place for it.

Hill High School "is within a neighborhood," he said. "If it was outside a populated area, I would feel better about it. But I still want to know how the public feels about it and if they want us to give (Guillory) a (letter of support)."