Sunday, October 1, 2017

Bishop L J Guillory Call For Prayers for The People involved in the Mass Shooting Tonight!

Truth Be Told ~ Prayers go Up to all of those people and their Families in Las Vegas who were involved in the Mass Shooting tonight!

The Cast of "Why Did I Get Married" at Bishop L J Guillory's Book Signing for "I Know Why The Caged Lion Roars"

Truth Be Told ~ The Cast of "Why Did I Get Married" at my Book Signing for "I Know Why The Caged Lion Roars" with #LammanRucker, #TashaSmith, #DeniseBoutte, #KeeshaSharp

Bishop L. J. Guillory Author of the Best Seller "I Know Why The Caged Lion Roars" and Kool from Kool & the Gang.

Truth Be Told ~ My Old Friend the creator of Kool & the Gang. Robert Earl "Kool" Bell, also known by Muhammad Bayyan, Singer-Songwriter and Musician. He is jazz/R&B/Soul/Funk/Disco Band, Kool & the Gang. — with I Know Why The Caged Lion Roars and Kool from Kool & the Gang.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Ombudsman General Is Asking For An Investigation On Donations Received by The Red Cross

OFFICE OF THE OMBUDSMAN GENERAL "Don't Donate to The Red Cross?"
"I Want a complete Investigation on All Donations Recieved By The Red Cross for the Houston-Hurricane Harvey! "I have witnessed first hand their dirty money operations at the time of Hurricane Katrina!" Said, Bishop L. J. Guillory, Ombudsman General to National Ombudsman and Ombudsman International`
I was there and I Stood Up to the Red Cross and ask how they spent the money Donated for the people who suffered in Hurricane Katrina?
Red Cross Scams Victims of Hurricane Katrina!
The Red Cross seem to have not learned from Katrina and the heat over its handling and channeling of funds. A highly critical Los Angeles Times article (“The Red Cross Money Pit,” Richard M. Walden) makes several damning points: that the Red Cross received 70 percent of Katrina funds; it is reimbursed for shelters, food, etc. by the federal government; it relies overwhelmingly on unpaid volunteers; and it spends over $111 million a year in fund raising. Quoting Walden, “The Red Cross expects to raise more than $2 billion before Hurricane Katrina-related giving subsides. If it takes care of 300,000 people, that’s $7,000 per victim. I doubt each victim under Red Cross care will see more than a doughnut, an interview with a social worker and a short-term voucher for a cheap motel, with a few miscellaneous items such as clothes and cooking pots thrown in.” In addition, it sells donated blood for around $1.5 billion annually. His obvious question is, “Where does the money go?”
The Ombudsman Press News once reported that the Red Cross was undergoing an internal investigation to examine reports of improper use of funds and goods that could total in the millions of dollars. At the time Louisiana Attorney General Charles C. Foti Jr. also launched his own investigation after learning of the Red Cross inquiry. Two supervisors were fired in late March 2006 as part of an internal Red Cross inquiry into the improper handling of relief supplies.
The American Red Cross spent a quarter of the money people donated after the 2010 Haiti earthquake — or almost $125 million — on its own internal expenses, far more than the charity previously had disclosed, according to a report released Thursday by Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley. The report also says the charity's top officials stonewalled congressional investigators and released incomplete information about its Haiti program to the public. It concludes "there are substantial and fundamental concerns about [the Red Cross] as an organization."
The Red Cross Didn't Explain How Money Was Spent
In general, the Red Cross itself doesn't know how much money it spent on each project in Haiti because of a "complex, yet inaccurate" accounting system, the report found.
The report echoes the confidential findings of consultants hired by the Red Cross, which previously were reported by NPR and ProPublica. One internal evaluation of one of the group's water and sanitation projects found there was "no correct process for monitoring project spending." Another assessment found that the group's figures on how many people were helped by a hygiene project were "fairly meaningless."
Documents provided by the Red Cross suggest that the charity sometimes spent large sums of money on management costs even when it enlisted other organizations to run relief operations.In 2010, the American Red Cross wrote a check for $4.3 million to its sister organization the International Federation of the Red Cross for disaster preparedness work. On top of the $4.3 million, according to budget figures the charity provided to Grassley, the American Red Cross spent another $2 million on its own to manage the grant. That's after it already took out hundreds of thousands of dollars in administrative fees.
Partners like the IFRC typically take out their own overhead and administrative costs before using the money to help Haitians.
When asked what the $2 million was used for, the Red Cross said it covered the costs "incurred to ensure accountability, monitoring and evaluation of work performed and ensure our partners meet their contractual requirements."
"It's sort of a shocking amount of money," said Jake Johnston, a research associate at the Center for Economic and Policy Research, who has spent years digging into the Red Cross' finances. "Maybe a little bit more than half that ends up going to a project."
Some NPR listeners and readers have asked why NPR pressed Red Cross operations and logistics executive Brad Kieserman about how much of the money his organization receives will actually be spent on helping those affected by Hurricane Harvey. NPR's questions were follow-ups to several years of reporting by NPR and ProPublica about shortcomings in the organization's disaster relief operations and misleading claims about its finances. NPR has asked several times in recent years to speak with Red Cross President and CEO Gail J. McGovern. Those requests have been turned down. Prior to this latest interview, NPR asked again. The organization said McGovern was unavailable, but did make Kieserman available.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Who Is Bishop L. J. Guillory, Ombudsman General

About Bishop L. J. Guillory, the Ombudsman General
Ombudsman International's Chief Executive Officer is Bishop L. J. Guillory , the Ombudsman General. As a Unitarian Minister, his lifetime experience crosses national, cultural, and linguistic boundaries. Born and raised in Compton, California, his years in the entertainment business elevated him to the heights of the Hollywood Hills. Never forgetting or forsaking his roots, he is working harder than ever to serve those who are most in need and least able to help themselves.
Steeped in the fundamental teachings of the Baptist Church, his journey of faith led him to a more encompassing understanding of the hopes and aspirations of others and a recognition of the value that is held by all people of compassionate faith. This faith has guided him in his work with the young, such as his African-American Outreach Program for the Boy Scouts, his work with Adult Protective Services to protect the elderly from abuse in hospitals and nursing homes, and also in his prison ministry.
This later ministry is dedicated to providing a progressive multi-cultural voice in the struggle to save our nation's youth from the dead-end prison system. He is at the forefront in the fight to save wasted lives by working to open a unique college in Texas for first time offenders and other young people by giving them a chance to go to college instead of jail.
In his own youth, Bishop Guillory was befriended and mentored by community leaders who encouraged his natural interests in public service. His abilities were first recognized as the Youth Representative for the March of Dimes in Compton because of the amount of money that he was able to raise for that cause. He later became the Founder and President of the Junior American Youth for Community Excellence and Education (Jay-Cees), which sponsored community awareness events in Los Angeles County.
The story of those early years is told in his book, "I Know Why the Caged Lion Roars". In more recent years, he has been a frequent guest on a number of network shows, including CNN and Fox. He has his own talk show called the "Ombudsman Press" and publishes his own newspaper by the same name.
Bishop Guillory is currently serving as Ombudsman General for Ombudsman International, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that acts as a government oversight agency to investigate complaints of corruption by public employees as well as government agents and contractors.
Guillory has always been the first to say, "I am not a saint but I love God and will always stand up for what is right at any cost". The evidence of that stand can be seen in the fights that he has had with corrupt politicians, abusive law enforcement agencies, and illegal influence peddling by special interests. www.NationalOmbudsman.Org www.Ombudsmaninc.Org (202) 241-1506

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Ombudsman General was invited to Give Input on the Long Beach Police Services

LONG BEACH, CA BISHOP L.J. GUILLORY, OMBUDSMAN GENERAL to National Ombudsman and Ombudsman International Inc. Today July 31, 2017 the Ombudsman General met with Long Beach residents, business owners and community stakeholders who gave input on how the Police Department can better serve the community. Residents were asked to provide comments on police performance, perceptions of and satisfaction with service delivery levels, and service methods used by the police. The Long Beach Police Department has contracted with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) to conduct an optimization assessment. IACP analyze police operations, including investigations, support services, staffing, organizational structure, fleet, policies and procedures, recruitment and retention, and other areas. In the input session there was testimony regarding the use of race or ethnicity as grounds for suspecting someone of having committed an offense. There was also information given regarding abuse of power by Police Officers in the North Long Beach Area ### 1101 14th Street N.W. Suite 191, Washington, D.C. 20005 (202) 241-1506