Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bishop L J Guillory, Speak Out on Racist-Bigots Bloggers That Post on the Internet as Media

John Edward Kurian Jr., 'Citizen X" with his 29 followers and 109 fb friends ~ now a would be Internet Talk Show host, has targeted me regarding web blogger David Bellow and others who have in the past attacked on me for my Public Support to President Barack Obama. I Stand to Fight You and others who; as, cowards use computers as hate machines pushing out fake blog messages to look like news reports. I stand on my work and I understand there will always be white men like you who want Black Men to take a seat and allow the world to forget what you 'White Men' and your 'Ancestors have done to the African Slaves and now to the Black Families in America.
I stand to say: "Go To Hell" I am not afraid of you because you hide your face under sheets and write lies under the cover of being a concerned Citizen X. I want the world to know I am not going to ignore your racist position; that, I or any Black man owe you the time of day; to answer any questions that you have. I know that you want to use me to get attention from other hate groups. And, you're doing the work of those evil bigots that have always came in the night to destroy and distract! I See you for what you are "Bigots and Governmental Obstructionist!"
This Guy John Edward Kurian Jr., who hides in the woods in East Bend, North Carolina and we're told; has sex with his kids, is upset that I will not give him the time of day! East Bend, North Carolina East Bend is a town in northeastern Yadkin County, North Carolina, United States. The population was 612 at the 2010 census
I ask where is your office, how many people have you helped; that I can talk to? When was the last time that you have been out of the woods to get on the front lines to help fight for a positive change. You are the coward that sits on you ass and blame the Black man for the lost of jobs. But, in fact; it is bigots like you that have continued to keep the hate growing by keeping the Citizens infighting. That is what has caused other countries to move past this one in nearly every industry that once made america what it was.
John Edward Kurian Jr., re-posted hateful information about me in an effort to cause my name and work to come in to question. Let me clear a few things up since you asked. Hagerstown, MD Yes, I was there and I fought the City, County, the racist local newspaper and the police. When I got there in 2004 Washington County; there had never been an elected Black person to any City or County Elected Public office. I fought and after two years Hagerstown city residents elected its first Black to the Hagerstown City Council.
By Elizabeth Williamson Washington Post Staff Writer Sunday, May 22, 2005 HAGERSTOWN, Md. -- In a downtown conference room here last week, election officials tore open the last absentee ballot, announced the vote totals and gave the black community its first-ever voice in city hall. Alesia Parson, a Hagerstown-born local columnist, had won her City Council seat by 31 votes. In a campaign marred by hate mail, threats and the city's rejection of a plan to name a main street for baseball legend Willie Mays, she won.
John Edward Kurian Jr., seemed happy to write on Facebook as a coward hiding your face and identity as you choose to use Citizens X and you re-posted blogger David Bellow's post that he wrote while I was in fighting in Jasper, Texas. Here is a few facts in that story that you bigots hate to report! The outcome: Former Jasper Police Chief Rodney Pearson has agreed to an $831,000 settlement in a federal discrimination lawsuit he brought against the East Texas town and its mayor after his 2012 firing, according to a statement issued by his lawyers Thursday.
Pearson became Jasper's first black police chief in 2011. The landmark was of special significance in the town where the brutal hate crime killing of James Byrd Jr. took place in 1998. Appointed by a majority black city council, Pearson was fired after 16 months in office, after a largely white group of residents mounted an effort to recall black council members. After they succeeded, one of the new, and now majority white, city council's first acts was a vote to terminate Pearson, saying that he was never qualified to hold the job. The Main Blogger on this matter was the Mayor's pal David Bellow.
The evidence in the case showed that Mayor Mike Lout used the local radio station he owns to "systematically cherry [pick] negative components from Chief Pearson's file to portray him as a thief and a criminal in an attempt to stoke racial animosity in the community," Pearson's lawyers said in a written statement. That also included developing a rigged scorecard ranking system to prove Pearson was inferior to other police chief candidates and hiring a private investigator to uncover details from Pearson's past, according to his lawyers. As The Texas Tribune reported in 2012, the recall campaign turned particularly nasty on social media, including a widely viewed Facebook comment from the leader of the recall effort, using a racial slur to refer to black city council members. He also circulated an image of a Photo-shopped Trojan condom advertisement in which Pearson’s headshot appeared between pictures of President Obama and Michelle Obama and two black Jasper City Council members. Underneath it said: “Could things have turned out better ... had their parents listened????”