Thursday, March 19, 2015

Archbishop L. J. Guillory, OMBUDSMAN GENERAL Supports California Attorney General Kamala Harris for U.S. Senate 2016

Archbishop L. J. Guillory with Nationwide supporters and followers has told his California supporters to once again support Kamala Harris. It was Guillory who lead to fight in Los Angeles County for Harris against Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley. Archbishop Guillory, 28 years as a Republican gave his endorsement to Harris. "I have known Los Angeles D.A. Steve Cooley, for years and when it came time for the two of us to talk about what took place in the injustice to Inglewood's Mayor Roosevelt Dorn, Mr. Cooley refused to talk to the African American Community!" "Well, I can not stand up for a guy who refuse to come to the table and talk to the community when there are issues of his office using race as a bases for prosecution." With the Bishop's endorsement came 350 statewide teams that know how to get the votes Harris won Los Angeles County where Cooley was The District Attorney. "I Know That Harris the Right Choice for The U.S. Senate 2016 and I'm with her all the way!" Said Guillory.
“Our beautiful democracy and system of justice has said that when any one of us has been harmed, it is a harm against all of us. A crime against any one of us is a crime against all of us,” said Harris, a former San Francisco district attorney. “And so I think about that and bring that to bear in the work that I have done as district attorney of San Francisco, now as attorney general of California, and with my intention to become the next United States senator from the state of California.”
“I think about the real possibility that for the first time in our nation, we might have a woman as president of these United States ,” Harris said. “And so I say, as we celebrate these past 30 years, let’s rededicate ourselves to the next 30 years. And let’s take heed of Coretta Scott King, who famously said: ‘Freedom is never really won. You earn it and win it in each generation.’ And folks, we are that generation. Let’s win in 2016.”
"I think that California wants and needs a tough, practical and results-oriented approach and leader in the Senate," Harris said, "especially, frankly, given the atmosphere in Washington today." Harris said she decided to run for Boxer's seat because many of the priorities she has had as attorney general — consumer protection, veterans, immigration, the environment — are issues she would like to tackle at the federal level. "All, I think, are very connected, directly connected to the work that I've been doing and want to see through," Harris said.