Sunday, March 15, 2015

Archbishop L. J Guillory, Archdiocese of the North America Unitarian Universalist Church ~ Speaks Out!

Unlike some people I refuse to endorse or support Hillary Clinton or Dr. Ben Carson, unless they start talking about working on the infrastructure of America.
We need to discuss the lack of jobs but most paramount this discussion must be a real authentic discussion and the jobs must be careers that will take care and pay for the increasing inflation that families are forced to pay each year.
We must have an African American Man, Attorney and/or Judge; nominated and confirmed to the Supreme Court after the 2016 election. We must talk about College Loans for our children and an amnesty to forgive the college debts and college loans that is currently assassinating in the future of some of our brightness young people in this country.
I think that before we can truly discuss who should be the next presidential candidate of the United States, we must first address these issues! Archbishop Guillory, says.
"Though there is a clear separation of church and state; nationwide that has not stop politicians from visiting no less than 13 churches on any given Sunday during an election cycles."
In fact, some political candidates have gone so far as to hire religious political consultants to try to ensure that the people of faith know who they are on election day.