Sunday, March 13, 2011



Ombudsman International, takes complaints regarding public officials and/or public corruption by civil servants. In that regard, we contract a private investigator to investigate the complaint. Should the complaint be found to be true, we will forward the complaint and fact finding data to the Attorney General and/or other law enforcement agencies.

Our organization is not a political organization yet we do reserve the right to investigate claims of corruption, especially when the lives of our young people, the future of tomorrow, are jeopardized. It is our right and it is our duty, to investigate, report, and disseminate any findings of corruption.

Merely taking complaints, investigating complaints, and making those complaints public does not denote political involvement. Our organization is neither pro nor con, neither the Republican nor the Democratic Party. We are not supportive of corruption!

Our organization has found that the underlying root to saving our children from the dead-end prison system is predicated on the truth as well as the word of God.We also attend symposiums throughout the United States of America. These symposiums are specifically about issues relating to youth gangs, drugs, juvenile imprisonment, and prison reform.

State agencies, non-profit organizations, as well as churches sponsor these events. Attending such activities is very essential to our organization as it allows us the opportunity to participate in the dissemination of our materials as well as to come together with the others who are working in the area of crime prevention.

Another activity in which we participate is the prison/jail visitation program. We are permitted to visit on a one-on-one basis with the prisoner. In most cases, the prisoner would not receive a visit from anyone. We use this opportunity to fellowship with the prisoners. There is no reimbursement for any expenses (travel/meals) incurred by the volunteer when they visit a prisoner.

In addition we are "listeners" when parents of incarcerated youth come to the office to pick up information, vent, find resources, as well as to communicate their concerns regarding their loved ones.The office is also a distribution center for the many pamphlets, brochures and other printed material such as articles written by actual prisoners that we distribute without charge.

We, Ombudsman International, are completely for the benefit of the public/taxpayers. We are religious in nature because we put God first in everything that we do. We help people who need our help. We fight for people who otherwise lay down and do not fight for themselves.

When we visit prisons, we put God first. When we speak out at symposiums, we put God first. In the middle of the night, when we answer calls made by mothers whose children, specifically their sons, are shot dead in the streets and they have no direction as to how to get their many questions answered from the local police departments, we answer their calls and put God first.