Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ombudsman General L.J. Guillory Stands With Los Angeles City Councilman Bernard Parks

The Bishop is known to keep it Real. So when many counted Old Man Parks out! The Bishop Continued to Stand with him. The Honorable Ombudsman General who is also "The Bishop" Guillory, remembered what he learned long ago in California political wars! "Fight what you can see and be ready for whatever you can't see!"

The Honorable Los Angeles Councilman Bernard Parks has become controversial yet many of the 'old school' power brokers still support him. And, this time The Old School Proved that they still have the beat of the Real Community.

Most on lookers would have put money on the fact that Parks would have a run off. "As long as our people continue to allow the Real leaders to fight for them and not some of the Fly-By Night Voices that have come to cause confusion at this most paramount time in our political future" "We don't have time to fight one another and the other side too!" Said, Bishop Guillory.

Parks declared victory early Wednesday, and held on to his lead of over 50% of the vote. There are still votes to be counted. But, Parks is enjoying the thought of no run off in May. Hogan-Rowles who was supported by Los Angeles County Supervisor Mark Ridley; has refused to concede pending a more definitive count, which may not be posted for weeks.

Millions was spent and the vote proved that people wanted Parks to represent the 8th District. Looks like the unions are going to have to get to the table with the Real Leaders and the Old School/Heads. Millions of Dollars don't buy votes of The Real (smile) N's.