Tuesday, April 8, 2014


It's a shame that the Black Panthers have to come into Jasper to demand answers of the Racist System in The South. Most News Media Outlets in The East Texas area will not even write the truth about the continued racism in Deep East Texas.
In fact; it was the 'Ombudsman Press News' who first brought you the story over two years ago of the continued racism within the County of Jasper-Texas. There has been more than five racist atrocities that have made the nation refocus on "Klan Country".
The Black Panthers were here in Jasper on Monday rallying to get answers in the Murder of Alfred Wright. Wright's family have been refuse information and have been lied to so much that their protesting the investigation into his death. Wright's father spoke to the group.
The group who protested said race has everything to do with Wright's Murder. The protest was at the Department of Public Safety Office at the intersection of Highway 10 west and Farm to Market Road 1007, across from the Jasper County Airport. "Everytime we want answers we have to come out here and walk and fight just to get these Racist Pigs to do their jobs!" "They know who murdered that boy 'They' Did it!" said Tommy X
A DPS spokesperson said the agency closed its office for the day due to safety reasons. At one point, some of the demonstrators tried to crowd inside the office but were not allowed to enter by State Troopers.