Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bishop L. J. Guillory Says....STOP HATING IN AMERICA

Please, do not allow the Hate and Bigotry being served by my Republican party to scare you into Voting for the Romney/Ryan ticket. For Years the 99% of America have suffered from the plight of the Rich using Fear to Con Hard Working Americans into believing that Things can only get better if we just go to work and continue paying the highest portions of the U.S. Tax Burdens. The Rich take their money oversees and while keeping their profits and their Tax records from Public View. Just Ask Romney for his Tax Report and you’ll find out ….. You are not a part of his concerns! 

Most Americans Know That President Barack Obama Has Been Attacked By Republicans Only Because Of His Race And Not Because Of The Job That He Has Done As President! Do Not Allow Your Vote Too Be Used To Promote Hate and Bigotry! Vote For Our President Barack Obama 2012- And save Our Country from The Racist! 

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  1. This makes no sense.. you are literally saying stop hate by hating yourself. Very unprofessional and unintellectual.