Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Bishop L. J. Guillory, is seen here enjoying a minute with Meagan Good

The Bishop L. J. Guillory, is seen here enjoying a minute with Meagan Good from Eve's Bayou. As Good was so young when she began to pursue acting, her parents had some doubt as to whether or not this career represented her future.


In 1997, Good got the part of Cisely Batiste, the rebellious daughter of Samuel L. Jackson's character in Eve's Bayou. The critically-acclaimed film became Good's coming-out party as the 16-year-old dominated the screen.

As critics sung her praises, Good was finally convinced that acting was in her blood. She completed her high school studies -- she had been home schooled due to her frequent acting commitments -- and moved on to the TV series Cousin Skeeter and The Jersey.

As Good matured into a beautiful young adult, her roles began to change significantly, as she was able to take on more mature (and sexier) characters. These types of roles began with the film The Secret Life of Girls in 1999. One year later, Good injected some sensuality into the little-known comedy 3 Strikes, and then signed a two-year deal to star opposite Bob Saget in the sitcom Raising Dad.
Meagan Good in a 50 cent music video

In 2003, Good's career really took off thanks to significant appearances in the films Biker Boyz, Deliver Us from Eva (co-starring Gabrielle Union and LL Cool J) and Ride or Die, in which she shared the screen with Vivica A. Fox. That same year, Good provided the eye candy in 50 Cent's video for "21 Questions." She was subsequently featured on the cover of King magazine and appeared in five episodes of My Wife and Kids.

2004 saw Meagan fulfill our fantasies in the film D.E.B.S., in which she dressed in a sexy schoolgirl outfit and played the leader of a group of all-female crime fighters. Good's next two projects that year, The Cookout and You Got Served, helped establish her as a bankable supporting actress.
Her continued productivity -- catch her in Brick, the horror flick Venom, Roll Bounce, and Crenshaw Blvd. in 2005 -- and overwhelming hotness leave little doubt that her presence in Hollywood will not be short-lived. Furthermore, the movies she has on tap, including 2006's Waist Deep, will explore the depth of her acting ability.